The Future of Community — What I learned from my Webcast #RiseinUnity

Why we need to speak about community in the Nordics (and invite other perspectives)

Lesson #1: The power of diversity and inclusion

Lesson 2: Importance of Local Community

Lesson 3: Online Communities and How to create them

Lesson 4: Resilience and Covid

Lesson 5: Beyond Volunteering and Crowdfunding

How to benefit, learn and grow from community

If you are an immigrant, international talent, spouse

If you are a teacher, team leader, CEO

If you are a policymaker

Some overall tips on how to create & foster community:

  • Recognize the community around you. Ask yourself what gives energy and what drains you. You are actively shaping a community with your actions or inactions. Be intentional when it comes to your and community expectations. This is a place you can grow, develop, learn and give back to.
  • Recognize the space which is safe for learning and growing, invite others and be among people who are like-minded and also those who are not. Keep your perspective broad. Learn to cooperate despite the differences.
  • Dialogue means growth. The more we talk to one another, the more we are able to break down our internal conscious and unconscious bias. Diversity and inclusion is everybody’s business and communities help us have these dialogues.
  • Community building allows for collaborations for a common good: In that common good I see the innate need for belonging, standing out and rise in unity through the power of collective action.

Need help with fostering communities?

Want to learn more? Some further resources for reading:




I’m a keynote speaker and entrepreneur with a passion for diversity and inclusion and all things cross-sectoral.

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Kamilla Sultanova

Kamilla Sultanova

I’m a keynote speaker and entrepreneur with a passion for diversity and inclusion and all things cross-sectoral.

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