Why we Need to Acknowledge the Power Of Volunteering

Why volunteer?

We need more joint hands, ambition, and commitment especially now. Volunteers are a critical help in serving governments and communities, risking lives. At the same time volunteer contribution is still undervalued and not acknowledged enough.

Volunteering Practices in the Twenty-First Century by Author: Chris Millora

1. We need to push a social capital narrative for businesses to promote community building, talent recruitment, and retention

Volunteering is a key tool in gaining social capital in a society. Through engagement, (international) talent gets connected with stakeholders and potential employers. At the same time, business communities need to promote community building and talent recruitment.

2. We need to link volunteering to job opportunities & professional orientation for young immigrants and underrepresented groups

Volunteering is also a thriving inclusion tool for integration. But we need everyone to have access to opportunities to volunteer and get the benefits from it.

3. Civic Engagements & participation is at the bone of grassroots movement to exercise human rights and we should all protect that

Volunteering is not only a tool for economic empowerment but also a tool to fight for human rights and against racism and inequality. It will thrive in a place where the rule of law is upheld. We need respect for civil society and grassroots organizations, and for many countries, there is still room for improvement.

4. We need to measure the impact of volunteering

We have one billion volunteers and even for as a Global Dignity NGO community, there are a lot of activities where SDGs are integrated but not measured. We need to find a way to measure that impact and make it quantifiable.

Volunteering needs to be appreciated and acknowledged

Volunteers need to be acknowledged and offered a form of appreciation. We have a volunteer day but it goes largely unannounced and unnoticed. We need to strengthen the narrative on what impact volunteering and make it to headlines. I say no funding money is wasted when it is channeled to make volunteering stories louder, volunteering (SDG) contribution more clear and visibility in the media stronger.

  1. Increasing cross-sectoral collaboration to share knowledge and tools.
  2. Raising the funding for volunteer organizations to connect and meet. Through the knowledge of how they impact SDGs, they can connect and be more sustainable.
  3. Including volunteer organizations, grassroot movements, and those who offer informal and formal volunteering opportunities as an official stakeholder in all official documents in organizations that are responsible for the local implementation of SDGs such as cities or local governments. They also need to be included in policy papers and voluntary national reviews. These are national reviews of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the Sustainable Development Goals reported annually at the UN’s High Level Political Forum by member states.
UN Volunteers Global Technical Meeting- call to action.



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Kamilla Sultanova

Kamilla Sultanova

I’m a keynote speaker and entrepreneur with a passion for diversity and inclusion and all things cross-sectoral.