Webcasts are a great format to connect with your potential audience, learn new skills, and share your message to the world. My webcast #RiseInUnity which promotes the power and resilience of communities was born out of creative necessity.

While we were stuck at home during the Covid-19 quarantine, I wanted to find a channel to connect with brilliant minds all over the world and share a message of hope and remind us all of the power of the communities we live in, create and cherish.

My very first episode of my webcast with the wonderful Johanna-Mai

In this article, I will share the seven steps I learned on how to set…

I started my webcast #RiseinUnity in a time of intense uncertainty and isolation: during the first wave of COVID. While we were physically separated and stuck in our homes, I felt the need for a community more than ever. That is why I decided to do my show all about the power of community and why we rise when we grow together.

Over the months as we understood more about what the world around us will look like, I connected to known people in my network and also community leaders which I was recommended to. …

I am one of those speakers and event hosts who were hit by the corona pandemic. Inability to travel, to host events or workshops in person, which I was looking forward to, and inability to see the need for my services have had an impact on my work.

But luckily I had a consulting task at hand so I was quite privilleged in comparison to those who had experience a tornado effect of cancellations. …

It’s dark, wet and stormy, what makes Finland happy?

What Makes Finland Happy

I have worked with Finns, both in my previous career in shipping for 11 years and currently as an entrepreneur. Finland used to be one of the markets in my portfolio for container trading when I lived in Denmark and I learned a lot about the country I now live in from the former Finnish ambassador in Denmark.

After I moved here, I got the chance to have a typical ABC buffet lunch with a skillful electrician in Kotka, to watch Finnish ice hockey with Jägermeister shots in Helsinki Hartwall Arena and I even worked as…

During the last year I have been a witness of several local and national Finnish strategies to drive diverse and inclusive employment and internationalization. Diversity this and that and nothing seems to work. It’s boring, heavy and not my problem… one must think.

Living here for 5 years and as one of the ca. 5% of people with minority backgrounds, there is a slight gap between coming to Finland as a tourist to indulge into its tripple package of lakes-forests-berries and landing in “Suomi”, in my case as a spouse and an international proffessional. Yet, a lot is being done…

During the last three weeks in an ongoing COVID pandemic, millions of people across the US and worldwide have taken to the streets and raised their voices in response to the killing of George Floyd by a policeman. Solidarity protests also took place in Helsinki, Tampere, and Turku voicing issues of inequality, discrimination, and unequal justice.

Job discrimination and inequality in society and job market are also evident in Finland. According to the EU survey two years ago, Finland was the most racist country in the European Union. This year’s Finnish Survey finds that as much as 65% of respondents…

Volunteering is a powerful tool for inclusivity and I’ve been promoting its power in my speeches and events. I got the chance to speak at the UN Volunteers Global Technical Meeting.

The entire event was under the topic of how we can reimagine volunteering for the 2030 SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) and I wanted to share my insights from my plenary session and discussion with you.

Why volunteer?

We need more joint hands, ambition, and commitment especially now. Volunteers are a critical help in serving governments and communities, risking lives. …

The shipping industry can teach us a lot about inclusive safety cultures.

The coronavirus outbreak brought a lot of anxiety but also shows us how we are interconnected. It seems like no place on earth is safe other than our own four walls. In this situation of crisis, we realize how important safety and security are and how they are at the core of what we can do to save ourselves, our fellow citizens, and the economy.

When it comes to safety and security, I’ve gotten a lot of experience working in the maritime sector. To ship goods or passengers is a no-brainer today. …

For years, I’ve worked around dignity — creating events and inspiring others to embrace their own dignity. Not only has it helped me to recognize dignity in others but also to manage the trauma, the pain, frustration and anger of my past.

As a teenager, I grew up away from my parents and my home country Uzbekistan in an adverse environment — even though I lived in one of the safest countries in the world. When I moved to Denmark as an 18-year old I wanted to be part of the society and not be singled out. …

Kamilla Sultanova

I’m a keynote speaker and entrepreneur with a passion for diversity and inclusion and all things cross-sectoral.

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